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Re:bfryar44 Collection
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Truly beautiful historical pieces.  :thumbsup:
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Re:bfryar44 Collection
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Verry Verry intresting Bryan! You sure know how to hit the weak spots  :smilewinkgrin:
Thanks for sharing this  :thumbsup:
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Re:bfryar44 Collection
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Thanks to everyone's comments.


Here is one more addition from my collection even though it is Southern France related, not Normandy related.  The original plans for the liberation of France called for simultanious landings on the Northwestern French coast at Normandy and the Southern coast of France.  The latter was put off until later due to logistics, etc..  However the invasion plans for Southern France (Operation Dragoon) still received the "Bigot" top secret classification/clearance the same as the Normandy Operation.  The map in my collection is marked "TOP SECRET BIGOT" and is dated July 20, 1944.  It shows the 3rd Infantry Division landing beach at Pampelonne Bay.

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Re:bfryar44 Collection
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Impressive collection you have ;)